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High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center's Rehab and Wellness Program

High View's Rehabilitation Program has proven to be a success within our facility and community alike. Our rehabilitation program offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Featuring rehabilitation services individually designed to restore function and promote optimal independence to all our residents to ensure they reach their fullest potential following injury or disability. The Wellness Center is just one way we encourage our Independent Living residents to be regularly active.

The Rehabilitation Center offers several programs for skilled nursing populations including:

  • Comprehensive initial evaluations

  • Individualized treatment plans

  • Cognitive Training

  • Older adult rehabilitation

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation

  • Osteoporosis Program

  • Pain management

  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation​

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Dysphagia (swallowing) Treatment

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Work Conditioning/ Work Simplification

  • Hand Therapy


Our Occupational Therapists are licensed and trained to use evidence-based practice and research to create individualized intervention plans involving meaningful and therapeutic activities centered on an individual’s activities of daily living. Occupational therapists also provide adaptation and modification to the environment and tasks the individuals enjoy to promote maximum quality of life.


Our Physical Therapists are licensed movement experts trained in developing a treatment plan to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, and restore function and to prevent future injury or disability to individuals. Physical therapists also strive to prevent loss of mobility through individualized wellness programs.


  • Monitoring vitals

  • General health evaluations

  • Education and consulting

Speech and Language Therapy Program:

Our Speech and Language Pathologist is ASHA certified and is highly trained and skilled in helping seniors retrain and regain their ability to communicate with speech therapy.  They also assist with dysphasia conditions that can make swallowing difficult or impossible.

Speech-language pathologists are highly trained and skilled in helping individuals to retrain and regain speech, language, social and cognitive-communication with speech therapy. They also assist with preventing, assessing and diagnosing dysphasia conditions that can make swallowing difficult or impossible.

High View Rehabilitation Department is open from:

7:00a.m - .to  3:30p.m. Monday-Friday

Residents can call 207-728-3338 ext. 23 for more information. If you are not a current resident but would like to tour High View, we encourage you to call.

Or fill out our Contact Form and we will be in touch.

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