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At High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, we offer Private and Shared Rooms.  Private rooms are additional out of pocket costs and are on a first come first serve basis as they are very popular at our facility providing spectacular views of the St. John River and Canada.

Our shared rooms that are Medicare and Medicaid approved are also very spacious and inviting.  Feel free to bring items from your home to make "your space" in these shared rooms, just that, YOURS.  We want you to feel at home.  Anything that will bring you comfort, pictures of family members, your favorite blanket, and even your favorite books, your room, and space is yours to make "Home".

High View, the right community for you or your loved one.

  • Every skilled nursing facility is unique and offers different types of care and expertise. It’s not uncommon for some facilities to specialize in long-term care while others may be known for their exceptional post-hospital care. At High View, we are proud to be able to provide you with highly trained skilled nurses and therapists to care for both long-term and post-hospital care.

  • Staff responsiveness – Our staff makes the effort and goes out of their way to make sure our residents, their family, visitors, and co-workers are comfortable, happy, responsive to not only immediate needs but to special requests. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect. Our team of caregivers throughout our facility are passionate and committed to our patients and residents. Their commitment to become a "caregiver" exceeds beyond "giving care".

  • Regulatory history – Like all Skilled Nursing Care Facilities, High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is regulated annually including health inspection reports, staffing levels, compliance, well-documented resident and employee files, the safety of our facility among other important issues. High View is proud to maintain a FIVE STAR rating given by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Reports on all facilities are available online at

Benefits of High View Rehab & Nursing Center, a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

High View provides 24/7 nursing care and support – Skilled nursing facilities must have 24/7 teams available to take care of the patients and residents. These teams include licensed nurses, certified nursing assistants, certified med-tech assistants, activity directors, social workers and a number of volunteers and others who are on-site all the time to make sure everyone stays safe and receives the care they need.

Medicare / Medicaid certified – High View accepts Medicare, Medicaid and a number of insurance carriers to pay for services. Our facility will help you check your benefits and help guide you on the best options to help pay for your care.

Increased social interaction and support – Activity directors try to make the atmosphere lively during your recovery. Most plan a wide variety of activities including parties, games, church services and other fun events. Patients and residents are encouraged to get out of their rooms and enjoy socializing with their peers with fun and engaging activities.

Highly skilled healthcare services – Memory care, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Long-term Care, Physical and Occupational Therapy and special dietary needs are just a few of the highly skilled healthcare services that High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center offers.

You can think of High View as an extension of a hospital, with advanced clinical capabilities to accommodate most complex care patients.  Our skilled nursing community provides specialized services such as stroke rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, pain management, and much more.

​​​Check with High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to see if they offer exactly the services you need now and the ones you may need as your condition progresses.

​​At High View, we want to make your life easier and this is reflected in our community amenities. Are you intrigued? If you want to learn more about your new home at High View our professionals are ready to help, contact us today!

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