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What levels of care are offered at High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center?


In our Healthcare Facility, we offer full Skilled Nursing and Long-term Care for our residents requiring additional attention, supervision, medication administration, and daily physical and mental assistance. 

In addition, we offer Medicare-certified short-term rehabilitation services for residents and members of the community alike.

Why should I choose High View?


Being in the town of Madawaska, having the excellent community support that we do and the events and activities that surround our location makes High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center a premier location to call home.  We have the utmost respect for our neighbors and receive many compliments over and over from residents, their families, visitors, neighbors, accreditation committees and state auditors alike. We take pride in our High View Community so that you may take pride in your High View home.



History – people appreciate that we opened our doors in 1979, giving us a long, successful track record.


CampusOur facility sits high upon a hill in the St. John Valley in the town of Madawaska overlooking the St. John River and views of Canada.  We have a back porch area where our residents have planted flowers in the spring and summer, gather for activities and to socialize.


Location (location, location) – our residents and visitors are excited to realize what a quick walk or drive it is to Main Street and downtown Madawaska while still residing in a neighborhood setting.


CommunityThe most important and highest compliment is when people tell us time and time again how welcome they feel when they come through our doors, whether they are here to visit, have just moved here or are a long-time resident.


Becoming a warm, welcoming, inviting community is not something that you can simply include as a yearly goal or hash out in a strategic planning session; it just is. Knowing that people moving here are often leaving homes they’ve lived in for 40 years or more, this aspect of our community means the world to us – and we think to our residents and their families as well.


What are the visiting hours at High View?

Because this is YOUR home, we do not restrict visitation hours. We want you to feel as though your family and friends can visit you anytime as you would have it at your home.  Since High View offers many activities to our residents, you may want to inform your family and friends of your activity schedule or dining times. We highly encourage your family and friends to join in on and together experience the joy of spending time with one another.


May I customize my room?


We understand that our residents want to add personal touches to their homes here. We hope you love what we have done in terms of our recent updates, however, if you’d like to do more in your High View room to make it feel more like home, you’ll have the chance to discuss those changes during the admission process to determine the feasibility.

Costs for customization are the resident's responsibility after approval.


Are pets welcome at High View?


Due to a variety of different allergies, our residents may have, we don't allow pets to reside at High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, but we do welcome you to bring in a pet for a visit.  All visiting pets must have up to date immunization shots and records. (No reptiles, fish or only domesticated immunized farm animals, no moose, horses, deer, etc.) Please check with the nurse's station on our pet policy or call 207-728-3338 should you have any questions regarding our pet policy.


Can I bring a resident additional or new clothing?

Of course, you can.  We do require any personal items or clothing to be taken to the nurse for name tag labeling prior to placing clothing in drawers or closets.  This way when they are being laundered, they are returned to the proper resident.

How to apply for admission to High View Rehabilitation and Nursing?

Please contact our Director of Social Services - at 207-728-3338 extension 20, for the admissions process.


Additional House Items To Know:


Due to SEVERE allergies, we are a CINNAMON FREE facility.


We are a SMOKE-FREE facility.


All door ornaments and hangings need to be treated with Fire Retardant.  PLEASE bring all items to the Activity Director for this treatment. We reserve the right to remove items that have not been treated. This is MANDATED by the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Extension cords and power strips are not allowed in resident’s rooms.  We do permit the use of a 4-Pronged Receptacle Surge Protector.  We have them available for you to purchase in the Main Office located on the first floor.  This is also MANDATED by the Fire Marshal’s Office.

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