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As a skilled nursing facility, we are dedicated to the promotion of health and the advancement of growth for residents admitted to High View, the personnel on our staff, and for the community directly and indirectly. 

​High View respects the dignity of every individual, recognizing that each person has different physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and rights that must be respected.  This respect is reflected in the tireless effort of our staff and volunteers to serve and to support by providing quality hands-on care, understanding and empathy for each person as an individual. ​

As our staff and volunteers assume and accomplish new responsibilities in an orderly and educated manner, together we move forward to the dedication and promotion of health in all areas of human concern.  It is our priority that each resident receives the best possible care in the most professional, respectful, confidential and ethical manner.  ​

At High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, we employ certified, licensed and qualified individuals to become a part of an exceptional team of healthcare providers of direct and indirect resident care.  Each member adheres to the commitment of care, outstanding moral character and willingness to uphold all ethical codes essential to maintaining the high quality of standards we very proudly exhibit.​

Each staff member, regardless of their position at High View, is committed to furthering their knowledge through continuous education, certification, training and in-service programs allowing for a more compassionate environment while, together as a whole, we excel in the quality of care we provide.

​We, therefore, dedicate ourselves one-hundred percent to our residents, their families, our commitment to service in the community, to you, who places your trust into our hands at High View.


Making the next chapter of your life a fulfilling experience while doing it on your own terms.


While we encourage group interaction and activities, we respect your preferences as to whether you prefer to be active and social or quiet and relaxed, or both, depending on your mood, High View is “your” home.

The welcoming nature of High View extends to all. Connect with family while living among friends from varied backgrounds and cultural influences. An environment that provides opportunities for you to experiences both familiar and new, so there’s always something to look forward to.

Staying Young at Heart and Aging Successfully:

We believe, getting older doesn’t have to mean slowing down. To that end, we do everything possible to help you stay active through exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, a wealth of activities and a rewarding social network. In short, our open multi-cultural atmosphere is about helping you feel and be your best every day.

High View. Here’s to living your best life.

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