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Short-term Care

For short-term stays, our goal is simple – we want to help you become stronger, healthier and on the right path to your next level of care! As your transitional care partner, we believe in providing resident-centered care that starts from the moment you are admitted.


You will discover that our skilled nursing center offers on-site therapy and rehabilitation, allowing you to focus on regaining lost strength, restoring normal range of motion and increasing independence when possible.


Within your first 24-hours, you’ll be greeted by our on-site team of admissions, social services, therapists and skilled nurses to discuss your needs and recovery goals.


Having therapy at the facility allows you to concentrate solely on regaining lost strength, restoring normal range of motion and increasing your overall independence. Whether you require specialized care, such as wound care management, stroke recovery care, our facility has all the resources to help you recover and return home as quickly as possible.


Short-Term Care provides additional care and support for those residents who seek to regain strength and achieve their prior level of functioning following hospitalization or surgery.

Together with our medical director and specialty physicians, our team of healthcare professionals will develop an individualized plan of treatment to help our short-term residents return quickly and safely to their highest possible level of functioning. Short-term care for residents may be needed for a few days, weeks or any length of time.


No matter the duration or extent of care offered, High View Rehab and Nursing Center helps ensure that all assistance provided respects and honors the meaningful life of the individual.

  • 24-hour skilled nursing and medical support services

  • Each resident is transitioned as quickly as possible to their next level of care

  • Personalized rehabilitation and treatment plans

  • Access to a full range of therapy services including physical, occupational, speech therapies

  • Medication management in coordination with licensed nurses and physician support

  • Specialized Nutrition programs available

  • Comprehensive discharge plan with an interdisciplinary team to ensure a safe transition back home

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • IV Therapy

  • Transportation to and from scheduled doctor appointments and outings

  • Fun and engaging activities such as live music, worship services, painting courses, bingo, and many others

What exactly is skilled nursing care?

Often mistaken for nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities provide expert transitional care from the hospital, as well as long-term care support for those with ongoing medical needs. Our skilled community offers 24-hour nursing care support, assistance with daily activities and therapy rehabilitation under the supervision of healthcare professionals.

Premier resident-centered care:

Being hospitalized after a serious injury or illness can be traumatizing and may require therapy and rehabilitation before safely returning home. That’s where High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, a skilled nursing home facility comes in.


We offer personalized care that’s tailored to your individual needs. Working as a team, our professional caregivers and therapists provide a combination of therapy and nursing care support to help you achieve your recovery goals.


When is skilled care needed?

When a family member is unable to provide the necessary care for a loved one, the responsible decision is to choose a setting where that individual’s unique needs can be met. Skilled nursing is often a source of transitional care and is the ideal choice for those who can not go home following a hospitalization. With round-the-clock medical support and frequent therapy, skilled nursing care primarily focuses on helping residents heal and recover from an injury, illness or surgery.


Skilled nursing care would be most appropriate following a hospitalization or a decline in health that requires 24/7 nursing assistance. Offering physical, speech and occupational therapy services, and a skilled nursing facility offers a more intensive option to help someone regain mobility or recovery after a significant health event while also offering a community setting to be with others who share a similar phase of life.


Our Skilled Nursing Center is appropriate for multiple scenarios:

  • Transitional Care Following a Hospital Stay

  • Rapidly Declining Health

  • Joint Replacement Therapy (i.e. Hip, Knee)

  • Respiratory Care

  • Diabetic Rehabilitation 

  • Other Acute Medical Conditions 

  • A patient requiring 24/7 nursing care

  • A patient who may need assistance walking and standing

  • A patient needing physical rehabilitation services

  • More complex medical needs

  • Stroke Recovery

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